Pawn Shops Offer Short Term Lending Solutions

Millions of people will apply for lines of credit, credit cards, and even car loans and will be declined. Many will be turned away because of past mistakes, medical bills, or any number of credit factors. If you have found yourself dealt this blow, a declined application, you’re not alone. Getting money is a tough thing today, especially with fewer banks giving out loans to those that they deem are not worthwhile individuals based on credit scores. A good credit score can take a lifetime to build, and maintaining that is even harder. You may not be able to get it higher in a matter of months, but lenders do not care.

There are a few things that you may want to do if you get declined for a loan on any level. The following options are going to give you a fighting chance to pull out money, even if you have less than stellar credit. There are two major ways that you can look at this, and both will lead you to your local pawn shop.

Getting A Short-Term Loan

pawnFirst and foremost, you can get a loan through any shop. Pawn brokers work with individuals that do not have a great track record with banks, etc. They give everyone a chance to get a short-term loan. They do so through the use of collateral. A client will walk into a shop and put up an item that is of value, and ask for money for the item. Let’s assume you were to walk in with a gold bracelet that weighed about an ounce or more. That ounce of gold, assuming it is pure, could garner you a quick $1,000 or so dollars. That’s a good thing.


That loan money can be in your hands fast. The thing is, you’ll need to pay that money back. Pawning your items can give you short term lending solutions, but you’ll need to still follow the same protocol that many other options provide. You will pay back a loan within the time frame that you and the shop agree, and then you will receive your item back.

There is a downside. If you do not pay back the money you borrowed, you could end up losing your item. People sometimes forget this simple fact. You cannot get your item back unless you pay the money back. If you come late with payments, or you miss the time frame, you will lose your item and may have to rebuy it from the shop at full retail price.

Pawning Out Right (Sales)

The next solution that you’re going to find with pawn shops, in shorter term lending solutions is not a loan at all. Instead, you’re going to be able to sell your items outright for money. You’ll be able to garner a great deal of money in most cases, for items that are very valuable. For instance, using the example above, you’ll be able to get $1,000 outright in some instances, if you have precious metals that are valuable. That $1,000 you get form pawning something does not need to get paid back, as you’re “selling” something to the shop.

This is a life line that many people are not aware of, because they assume pawn shops only work with lending or sales. That’s not the case. Many shops will buy your items, especially if they are of a high end, in demand nature. Every shop is different, but most will buy items like guitars, televisions, computer systems, video games, precious metals, and much more. Whatever you may have that’s of value, could garner you quick lending or money, depending on which option you decide to use.